Horny on Maine
Emotionally drained and burnt from being a nurse in NYC during COVID-19, our protagonist Emily decides to pursue her lifelong dream and move to Portland, Maine, to run a higher-end nautical tchotchke shop for oblivious tourists. While sourcing old lobster crates she could sell for a massive markup…

Quarantined to their respective apartments in the Upper East Side and Brooklyn, new couple Alexis and Brad send each other thoughtful notes to retain contact over the long days and even longer nights.

My lovely Alexis,

Have you run out of oat milk, dearest? I gaze out the window…

(vintage RL ad)

“Do the hosts know The Great Gatsby wasn’t a love story?”

So you received a ‘party like it’s 1929’ invitation that blissfully ignores this year was the start of the Great Depression. Eschew the flapper Halloween costumes other partygoers have hanging in their closet like remnants of their lost youth…

Sarah Solomon

You finally meet your personal brand in hell. www.sarah-sol.com @sarahsolfails/@urbanJAP

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